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Near the Sea

This Is Incense x Peppa Hart

This Is Incense x Peppa Hart

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Sophie Marshall, founder of This is Incense by Gentle Habits and Sophie Bell, creative genius behind Peppa Hart, a bespoke creative design agency.

...One walked away from her high energy corporate role to pursue dreams of creating positive products and grounded goods that take people places, while living the seaside dream with her family in sunny Yamba.

The other sold her dream home, a Mediterranean inspired oasis built from scratch in the hinterlands of Northern NSW, packing up her life in Australia in search of the next exciting family adventure and unfolding dreams in Bali.
Together, from afar, the two Sophie's support each other on their pursuit of Electric Dreams.

Electric Dreams is a special This Is Incense x Peppa Hart collaboration that tells the story of two friends, each on their own journey to pursue their unique Electric Dreams.

A gentle reminder of how friends supporting each other could be the difference between turning a dream into reality.

The special edition This Is Incense scent created for the Electric Dreams project is housed in a box with signature hand drawn artwork by Sophie Bell.

This unique scent was created especially for this project and features an essential oil blend of Amber and cedarwood and Vanilla and this special box will be available Oct 1st

Support your friends to chase their dreams with the gift of this box. Take a quiet, slow moment to reflect on how far you have come - the good times and bad. Bask in knowing that you are on the right path and to keep chasing your Electric Dreams.

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